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Shrinking Fibroids Shopping List

Things I have used in trying to shrink my fibroids

Apple Cider Vinegar – I did some before and after pictures and wrote some posts about my efforts to shrink my fibroids using raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. I still wouldn’t venture to say yes or no about apple cider vinegar working because I don’t think I used it long enough. I plan to start using it again when things settle down financially and I can afford to add it to the grocery list for regular use.

Based on the experience I did have using Apple Cider Vinegar in my efforts to shrink my fibroids, I would say that it’s worth it to at least try it. I still have my fibroids. I don’t know if they ever really changed size but there is no question that I am significantly healthier and stronger now than before I started focusing on trying to shrink the fibroids using various means, and there’s no question that my stomach is smaller regardless if the fibroids actually did shrink or not.

I won’t swear it but when I was using the apple cider vinegar I thought it was making me more energetic, which was a good thing because it can get hard to work up the energy to exercise. I also think I was feeling better and looking better generally. So even if it doesn’t really shrink the fibroids I’d argue that it does have benefits that are helpful in the long run and I’ll definitely be starting back using it because I can see no reason not to.

Blackstrap Molasses –  I have to agree with the person who commented on Amazon that blackstrap molasses has the taste of “diesel fuel exhaust”. I mean, I’ve never tasted diesel fuel exhaust, but every time I take my tablespoon of blackstrap molasses I feel like I’m consuming something metallic that belongs inside mechanical objects instead of inside people. Having said that, I tried blackstrap molasses briefly a while back then stopped using it; but since I still had half the bottle left I very recently have started trying it again because I am hoping what I’d noticed when I tried it before wasn’t just a fluke.

I don’t know if it actually had any impact on helping to shrink my fibroids; but when I was using it, it did seem to normalize the monthly P. Since I stopped using it things have been back out of control in that way. So I am back to using what’s left of the blackstrap molasses in the hope that the next cycle will not be as bad as it has been.

I can’t really speak to whether blackstrap molasses has any impact on fibroid size or otherwise provides any other useful benefits. Information around the Internet varies as to whether it’s good or bad for you. To me it tastes absolutely horrible but the taste is worth suffering through if it means I won’t have these horribly bad cycles every month.

Turmeric and ginger – I don’t really know if the turmeric I’ve been using is the right turmeric that some have suggested help in the treatment of fibroids. I’ve been using a turmeric spice to make tea. When I’ve done 5 day tea fasts I’ve made a pot of tea with the turmeric spice, ginger and some other tea (sometimes chamomile, sometimes lemon. If I’ve had apple cider vinegar on hand I’ve added some of that as well.

I always feel great after my turmeric and ginger tea fasts. My stomach relaxes. It becomes more pliable, and if you have fibroids that are the size that mine are when they are at their biggest then you know what it’s like to feel like you have a giant rock in your belly that nothing in the world can dent. I don’t know if fibroids can soften up, but my stomach is definitely more malleable at some times than others and I’d say that my 5 day tea fasts have eased a lot of the strain I tend to feel when my fibroids get dense and hard which they seem to do in the week leading up the monthly P and for a week or so after.

Turmeric is said to help detoxify the liver and to help promote bile production. Whether this is true of false I am not in a position to say. There are articles around that claim healthy liver function is critical to any effort to shrink fibroids naturally. You’ve probably figured out already that there are a million and one ideas being spread around about fibroids and what causes them and how to treat them. My approach is that if I can afford to try it and it won’t hurt me then I’ll try it. If it turns out not to actually work, oh well. I lose nothing for trying so why not try?

Things on my shopping list that I will purchase as funds allow

Natural Progesterone Cream – I’ve been reading for some time now that natural progesterone cream is effective in shrinking fibroids. Do I believe it? Well, it’s not my place to believe or not to believe. I don’t think it would benefit me to not try something just because I doubt it’s going to work. I think it makes more sense to try it and then say, oh well, it didn’t work as promised. From a financial perspective this can be a problem, obviously, because if you don’t have money to waste it won’t be that easy to just shrug and say, well I tried it but it didn’t work; but if you want something badly enough then you take your chances.

What would be good would be if there was a trusted source that you could go to and read feedback from people who actually had success shrinking their fibroids using a particular product. More often than not all you can find are the promises from the people who make the product and some testimonials that you have no way of verifying if they come from people who actually used the product.

But I’ll try the progesterone cream when I have the money to afford it. From what I read it’s important for the progesterone cream to be “natural” and “derived from wild yam”. These are the creams I am looking at and will decide from once I have the funds to afford the purchase:


Lecithin – I’ve read that Lecithin is good to use to help improve liver function. Whether it’s a fact or not I do not know but I’ve read that the liver plays a role in the development of fibroids. Some researches say that it’s our liver’s failure to rid our bodies of excess hormones that results in the excess estrogen in our bodies that leads to the development of fibroids. Apparently detoxifying our liver and taking strengths to restore it’s ability to effectively rid our body of excess estrogen can help in shrinking our fibroids and keeping them away. Don’t ask me if there’s any truth in this. I do not know, but if using Lecithin might help I’m willing to give it a try. I don’t like taking capsules though so I would get the granules that you can put in your foods if they work the same way as the capsules. Here are some Lecithin capsules and granules that will be looking at once I am able to afford to buy. As a note, it’s not clear if soy needs to be avoided when you have fibroids. If so, many Lecithin products are derived from soy so you might need to specifically seek out Lecithin derived from non-soy sources.

Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root – These are also said to help with improving liver function, getting back and maintaining liver health. Some milk thistle and dandelion root products I have on my shopping list to try  as funds allow:

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