Shrink fibroids naturally can it really be done?

Shrink fibroids naturally can it really be done?

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Originally written 2011/10/31

I’ve written a few posts already that address this very question. Can you really shrink fibroids naturally? No one will be happier than I if this turns out to be possible. I have very large fibroids and I’ve been trying on and off to get rid of them some other way than by having a hysterectomy for the last few years. My latest attempt started back in late spring/early summer when I read that apple cider vinegar can help to shrink fibroids. I didn’t really believe it but I was (still am) desperate to get rid of my protruding stomach, so I figured I’d try it. Here’s an update to the June 2011/August 2011 comparison photo I took for my post “How long does it take to for apple cider vinegar to shrink fibroids?(view post)

As you can see the fibroids aren’t really smaller per se. It’s just me that’s smaller. I haven’t been drinking the apple cider vinegar since about the last week in September. After the last bottle ran out I decided to stop drinking it for the next month to see if it made any difference whether I was drinking it or not. I don’t think it’s made any difference. I had thought for a while that maybe the apple cider vinegar was at least helping me to have increased energy and be able to keep up my workouts, but I’ve still managed to find the energy and keep up my workouts so I don’t think I can make an argument for apple cider vinegar helping to shrink fibroids at this stage. Maybe I’ll try it again starting November 1 and see what happens over the next month.

In the meantime I am still trying to shrink my fibroids with exercise and stress management techniques; and I do believe that it’s been working, not necessarily that my fibroids have been shrinking but my stomach has been getting smaller. Here is another comparison photo. You can see in both shots, one taken August 31st 2011 and the other taken today October 31st 2011, that I do not look 5 or 6 months pregnant. Of course the jacket and the pose help to conceal a lot, which is another aspect of the whole process of fighting back against fibroids ruining your figure that I think is important. You have to learn how to dress and how to carry your body to minimize the protrusion of your stomach.


Looking at the October 31st 2011 denim outfit photo you can’t really see much of a stomach but if you look at the October 31st 2011 shot of me in the yellow dress above you can see I still have a significant protrusion. Both photos taken today but seeming to tell a different story about my progress.

I have to admit I have doubts that it’s possible to shrink the fibroids themselves without some medical procedure, at least when they are the size that mine are; but I’m going to keep trying for that. In the meantime working out regularly and keeping my weight under control is going to be the key for me. I’ll have to keep my stomach trimmed down enough that even with the protrusion caused by the fibroids I can still avoid having to wear maternity clothes.

So my answer to the question “Shrink fibroids naturally can it really be done?” is “I don’t know yet.” I am still trying to do it. It’s taking a while and today I got a little fed up and started thinking maybe the hysterectomy is the way to go; but I’ll try to keep my frustrations in check. It’s not like I can afford the hysterectomy anyway so I might as well keep fighting to get my body back in some natural way.


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