I made it through Day 13 (yesterday) and I’m nearly to the end of Day 14. I have another 16 days to go. Today was a bit more difficult to tough out than the previous days. But I’ve managed to resist the temptation to quit.

I felt quite a bit weak today. I think maybe I’m falling a little short of the number of calories I need to consume in order to maintain my strength and be able to make it to day 30. I started out on an outing with my son and had to turn back because I could barely walk. This is of course not the goal of my 30-day no solids mission. I’m not interested in being weak and hungry.

Once I got back to the apartment I had some almond butter to eat. Then I made myself some blended soup.

Today’s blended soup was made of butternut squash, yellow squash, zucchini, yellow bell pepper. I added almonds to fortify it, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, salt and other seasoning to taste. It was quite good.

Butternut squash yellow squash zucchini bell pepper blended soup

I am feeling much stronger now. I was able to do some push-ups and squats. Something I could not have managed earlier with my arms and legs feeling totally drained.

Blended butternut squash soup with red bell pepper
Yesterday’s blended soup (June 13 2015) – butternut squash with red bell pepper…

Yesterday’s butternut squash soup was also very good. It consisted of butternut squash with a red bell pepper, garlic, almonds and salt to taste.

For tomorrow I have no idea what I’m going to eat. I’m ready to try a different kind of soup. Maybe I’ll test out some broccoli to see if I can start eating it again. I had to stop eating it for a bit because it was causing me gastrointestinal problems. Maybe some broccoli cabbage and spinach soup. Or cauliflower cabbage soup. Or kale broccoli, kale cauliflower. Something involving kale and one or more of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and spinach. Plus the usual tea, almond milk or coconut milk, cashew butter and almond butter. In the mean time I’ll look around for sugar free dairy free frozen desserts that I can purchase or make myself.

Life is good. I’m feeling thankful.

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