You think you don’t deserve to be fibroid free?

I’m sitting here trying to maintain my focus and to not listen to the voices in my head that are trying to scare me. As I wrote in the post about the results of the CT scan that I underwent on January 20th, there are some concerns about ovarian cancer and also other cancer possibilities. […]

There’s no need to dress like you’re pregnant

Life goes on and so do I… Yesterday before I saw the results of my CT scan, I setup my camera in my bedroom and took some pictures with the intention of making an effort to start developing the style and fashion section of this blog. Because I wanted to share some of the things […]

CT scan – concerns that mass is coming from ovary

So I had my appointment on the 20th, and I have been told the results yesterday (21st). Basically I have been told that the mass in my abdomen has increased in size since the last CT Scan a year ago when I had to go to the emergency room. The way they have framed it […]

Not looking forward to CT Scan tomorrow

My anxiety is already beginning to rise in advance of tomorrow’s CT Scan appointment. I’ve been feeling pretty confident that I’m fine and don’t have ovarian cancer; and for the most part I still feel pretty confident about that. But I’m concerned about other things. Although most of the results from the tests that were […]

Good morning Sunday

With the sun shining so brightly outside my window it’s hard to believe there is snow on the ground, but I woke up to snow on the ground this morning. So far for the season it has only snowed 3 times with the first two snowfalls being very light. This one was a little heavier […]

Good morning Saturday

It’s 2016. I just turned 45 two months ago. I feel as if I’m supposed to say that with a down-turned face and disgust/regret/apology in my voice; but screw that. I’m 45. And in November of this year I’m going to turn 46. What does it mean? Nothing more and nothing less than what it […]

My Fibroids today January 13 2016 #2

Around 12 AM EST January 13th I wrote my first real post in several months; but I titled it My Fibroids today January 13 2015. Of course today is Wednesday January 13th 2016. So, I’m a little embarrassed; but only a little. At least it gives me inspiration to write another post, which gets me […]

My Fibroids today January 13 2016

This is my first real update since June-July 2015. Things have been good for the most part. I have been focused on other things and haven’t been worrying too much about my fibroids. They are still present and they do still cause me some discomfort from time to time; but I experience longer stretches of […]

Taking site offline for a bit

I know I have not written an update since June. That is because I have been too busy not paying attention to my fibroids. It’s amazing the difference it has made since I decided to no longer empower my fibroids. For the most part they have been under control. It may be due to either […]

30-day no solids June – Day 30

Somehow I have made it to Day 30! I have made it to the 30th day of my 30-day mission to avoid solid food for the month of June. I remember 15 days ago wondering how in the world I was going to make it for another 15 days. Getting to day 15 was difficult. […]