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Apple cider vinegar shrinking fibroids?


Originally written 2011/06/21

I can’t answer from personal experience yet whether or not drinking a teaspoon or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar per day can help to shrink fibroids. I just read about this a few days ago and since I had some apple cider vinegar in the house which I bought to use for a test to see if apple cider vinegar can really get rid of warts, I decided to start taking it for my fibroids. The way I look at it, if it won’t hurt me to try then I’d rather try it and discover it’s a joke and doesn’t work than not try it because I assume it won’t work and I feel embarrassed to try something that might be construed by others as an old wives tale that only a fool would believe.

When you have fibroids so large that your doctor claims your uterus is the size of a woman’s uterus at 9 months of pregnancy, and you don’t have health insurance and can’t afford to pay for a hysterectomy, you can’t afford to snub your nose at suggested remedies just because you don’t want to look stupid for trying something smart people would presumably never try.

So I’m trying the apple cider vinegar. This is only my second day so it will be a while before I can comment on whether apple cider vinegar is an effective remedy for shrinking fibroids or not. I’ll also be trying other remedies in the hope that something works and I can get my flat stomach back or at least get it down to where people don’t feel compelled to ask me when I’m due.

My latest photo update on my progress with trying to shrink my fibroids naturally can be found via the link below

Shrink fibroids naturally can it really be done?

Image: ©fibroidlady (Size of my stomach when my fibroids are at their biggest. Taken June 2011)

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My name is Monica. I have fibroids. My fibroids are large enough that they have transformed my figure into something I am still trying to learn how to live with. In the meantime while I try to learn how to live with my fibroids I am also trying every possible method I can find to try to shrink them naturally because I am afraid of the idea of a hysterectomy. I lived with fibroids from 2007 - 2016. I started documenting my experiences on this blog in 2012. On March 7th 2016 I had a hysterectomy out of concern that I might have ovarian cancer. It did not turn out that I had ovarian cancer. The cancer scare forced the hysterectomy I was trying to avoid, and so, I became fibroid free as of March 7th 2016. I will try to keep this blog up and running in the hope that it will be of some use to others going through what I went through.