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Can yoga help get rid of fibroids?

Yoga for fibroids

Originally written 2011/06/21

I’ve been experimenting to see if yoga can get rid of fibroids or at least shrink them. Today I decided to do some research to find out if there’s any documentation suggesting yoga can help shrink fibroids. I found articles in which the authors claim that yoga, combined with diet and lifestyle changes, can help reduce the size of uterine fibroids. On the other hand I also found articles disputing the claim that yoga can affect the size of your fibroids.

From my experience so far, it seems to me that certain types of yoga exercises might help to tone and tighten the abdominal muscles which in turn can make the effect of large fibroids less pronounced. I have very large fibroids. My last visit to the doctor they said my uterus was almost that of a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy; so anything that can help me not look nearly 9 months pregnant will be good.

If nothing else, yoga is excellent for stress management and stress has been identified as a possible cause of fibroid growth. It can be assumed that yoga has the potential to prevent fibroids from growing larger. Possibly yoga in combination with other fibroid remedies might help shrink your fibroids. I am on a mission to find out and will share anything I find that actually helps to shrink my fibroids.

So far the yoga is helping to make my stomach tighter and more toned which makes it appear to protrude less, but I don’t think the fibroids have actually shrunken. I think I’m just managing to get rid of the excess fat I was carrying around in addition to the fibroids.

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My name is Monica. I have fibroids. My fibroids are large enough that they have transformed my figure into something I am still trying to learn how to live with. In the meantime while I try to learn how to live with my fibroids I am also trying every possible method I can find to try to shrink them naturally because I am afraid of the idea of a hysterectomy. I lived with fibroids from 2007 - 2016. I started documenting my experiences on this blog in 2012. On March 7th 2016 I had a hysterectomy out of concern that I might have ovarian cancer. It did not turn out that I had ovarian cancer. The cancer scare forced the hysterectomy I was trying to avoid, and so, I became fibroid free as of March 7th 2016. I will try to keep this blog up and running in the hope that it will be of some use to others going through what I went through.


    • I had a hysterectomy on March 7th 2016. I have written several posts explaining what happened and why I had to go ahead and get the procedure done. Although I did not see it myself, what they took out of me was described as an extremely large fibroid measuring 30cm (almost the length of a ruler) and almost as deep as it was wide. I would never have imagined I had something quite so large growing inside me. I thought I was seeing improvement with all the things I was doing trying to shrink my fibroids; but I was clearly very wrong. The mass was obstructing organs and instead of shrinking it was growing and taking over my insides, over-tasking my system with its demand for blood. I am 11 days post-op today, still in recovery from surgery.


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