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Preparing to treat my fibroids to a solids free June

water ginger bay leaf tea spinach kale coconut milk blended drink breakfast cr

I have yet to get another 30 day no-solids stretch under my belt. Since my last update I have veered away from my diet of just nuts, chia seeds, cocounut milk and kale. I gave into a craving for bread and had some gluten free bread. And once I did that it quickly became a habit. No over-indulgence but that doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, in order to maintain control over my fibroids I absolutely cannot eat foods that will be slow to digest. And for me, that’s almost everything.

The consequence of veering away from my restricted diet is that my stomach is big again. But it’s not that the fibroids have grown. I just have too much going on in my stomach. That has been the problem all along. When my stomach is swollen it’s not that the fibroids have grown. When my stomach goes down it’s not that the fibroids have shrunken. It’s all about the food I am eating or not eating and the impact it is having on my digestive system. It’s the gas and bloating and waste material hanging around for days due to my system not properly functioning.

I was actually supposed to start this 30 no-solids attempt yesterday. And I got the day off to a pretty good start with tea, water and a spinach/kale/coconut blended drink. But I did not make it through the day.

water ginger bay leaf tea spinach kale coconut milk blended drink breakfast

The same today. I started well with tea; but I gave in to an urge for some almonds. And once I did that the battle was lost. I had a piece of salmon, a piece of avocado, cucumber and a handful of crackers. I am hoping to get through the rest of the day on just water. And hopefully by June 1 I will be ready to put my willpower to the test.

Staying off solids for 5 days is difficult. So you can imagine 30 days is pretty tough. I’ve only once been successful in the 30-day attempt. I’ll be shocked if I can pull off this mission to stay off solids for the whole of June. But I like being able to go out and not having to try to hide my stomach. So I need to empty my stomach of all the s**t that’s in it right now, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Anyone want to join me in trying to say off solid food for the entire month of June?




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