Ran out of time yesterday so I’m doing a re-cap of Day 8 on the morning of Day 9. I survived Day 8. It wasn’t particularly difficult. I consumed mostly cashew butter. At a few points in the day I made a paste with cashew butter, cinnamon and a little bit of honey. Less than a serving of cashew butter is necessary for this paste and it keeps my hunger pangs away for hours. The honey isn’t necessary. And I don’t usually use it but I have some in the house from that attempted dairy free mango coconut ice cream so I figured I’d take a break from the splenda.

I was pretty busy most of yesterday so I didn’t have time on my hands to build up the kind of stress and frustration that trigger my impulse food cravings. I think I may have made it through the day without experiencing a single craving for solid food. In fact I was so distracted by my work, by the time I remembered I had wanted to make the soup I was supposed to make for Day 7 dinner for yesterday’s lunch, it was already dinner time. And I wasn’t remotely hungry.

But I went ahead and made the soup so that I could have something to show for Day 8. And also to get some additional nutrients.

My intention was to make a blended kale spinach zucchini soup with yellow squash; but I forgot all about the zucchini and the squash.

Kale spinach blended soup june 8th 2015

So I ended up making another blended kale and spinach soup. Pretty much the same soup from Day 6. I sauteed garlic, onion and almonds in olive oil in a pan. Then I added the kale and spinach. Sauteed that until the kale and spinach changed consistency. Then I added some water and salt, cooked it for a little bit longer. Then I transferred the mixture to the blender and liquified it.

Mine made enough to offer some to my son and my husband. They both ate it without any complaints so I imagine it tasted okay. Nothing that will curl the toes but a satisfying bowl of soup to help make it less unpleasant when avoiding solids.

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