About update: My name is Monica. I used to have fibroids. I started this website to document my efforts shrinking my fibroids. You can find posts on this website about my fibroid shrinking journey. On March 7th 2016 I became fibroid free. I had a hysterectomy. My life since has been spent trying to adjust to the changes and trying to create a new life for myself.

Original About: My real name is of course not fibroidlady, but I am a lady with fibroids that have taken over my life since I first discovered them so you can just go ahead and call me that.

I have started this website to share my fibroid shrinking efforts with others. I have found that almost all areas of my life are affected by my fibroids. That is the reason I decided on the name “Fibroid Life” for this website. A fibroid life, in my experience, is a different kind of life. It’s not a great life when you have tumors in your stomach that are big enough to affect even your ability to sit down comfortably.

I have had some success with reducing the size of my fibroids. I’ve documented my efforts in posts which you can read by browsing through this site; but as long as I continue to avoid removal of the fibroids, whether by having a hysterectomy or some other procedure, I will always have to be actively working at trying to prevent them from growing back. I’m not always successful at keeping them shrunken. They will grow back depending on what is going on my life and how effectively (or not) I’m handling things.

Via this website I will share as openly as I can about my life and the ways in which I believe everything from finances, to marriage, to motherhood, to my own individual mental and emotional issues, my personal stories past and present created the environment inside my body and mind for these ugly tumors to grow. I will share my efforts to manage my situation more effectively–to basically try to improve the quality of my life whether I ever get rid of the fibroids or if I have to live with them until they shrink on their own, if indeed they shrink after menopause. For me that will be a decade from now.

Update March 2014

Fibroid Life is being revamped as I am about to embark on a personal journey. I am going to try to change my life. I don’t know if I’m going to succeed. I’ve tried many times before. Habit is a hard thing to break. And for me it’s really not just a matter of breaking a habit. It’s a matter of healing from years of mental and emotional abuse, both self inflicted and suffered at the hands of others. Each time I have tried I have failed because this kind of thing takes everything you’ve got. Even in my little world, where I only have two people with whom I interact in the flesh every day, there is so much going on. It’s hard to keep up the effort to fight every day to get well. So I don’t know if this is going to end up being a turning point for me or just another spell. Time will tell.

In the meantime you can expect a more personal blog. When I first started Fibroid Life I said that I would be sharing openly about my life. I haven’t really been doing that. I’ve only been talking about the fibroids. But my life is more than my effort to shrink my fibroids; and the idea behind “Fibroid Life” was blog about living with fibroids and about trying to make the most of my life even with fibroids. So I will be sharing my renewed efforts at doing just that. I will be sharing my efforts at finding ways to look good and feel good in this altered body–to learn to love myself and allow myself to be.

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  1. Determined says:

    I think that you should think about not calling your self the fibroid lady. Start out by changing your mind set… speak healing into your life. You will be surprised how a renewed mind will make you feel… I also am a victim of fibroids… has been this way for many years. I’ve had them removed in 2006 and they just grew back. I’ve done a plethora of researches in the name of wellness. I finally have the answer to dissolve these monster within me. Thanks to many years of research, devotion and to God almighty…. I am in the process of writing an ebook on this. I’ve started my journey to now for approximately 1 month and documenting it. I wish you all the best at your journey. While I’m doing that, I’m also doing researches now on how to unblock my fallopian tubes naturally as I am going to be 40 in February and desperately need a baby. It has been a long and sometimes unpleasant journey but I refuse to be negative about it. I do not regret this journey, any of it because it made me stronger and appreciate life and great health even more.

    • fibroidlady says:

      Hi Determined, thank you for your feedback. It is much appreciated. Good luck and please feel free to share your results for the benefit of those who find this site looking for solutions.

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