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30-day no solids June Day 4

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It has been a crazy day. I’ve been lost in space since I woke up this morning. So far I’ve made it through the day. I haven’t had too many moments where I’ve felt like I wanted something solid to eat. I haven’t made any blended drinks today. I’ve had only ginger and bay leaf tea, coconut water and nut butters (almond and cashew).

I know some people will make the point that nut butters are technically solids. So I should probably make it clear that when I refer to solids I am talking about food that requires chewing before it can be swallowed.

Cut to 10:57PM

It’s the end of the day for me now.  I started writing this update this afternoon. But I got distracted by one thing after another. Right now my head is so cloudy and I’m so sleepy I’m struggling to think. But I wanted to get this update written before calling it a night.

Today was not my most productive day so I’m feeling a bit anxious on top of being sleepy and having a cloudy head. But at least I am not feeling hungry. Quite the opposite. I might have gone overboard with the nut butters today. I think I’m suffering some of the drawbacks having too much protein in my system. And it is not  a pleasant feeling.

As far as my stomach goes it is quite huge at the moment. But I suspect some of that is because I am bloated. I am expecting the “mid-cycle” cycle to start shortly. Once it starts my stomach should settle down a little bit.

Cut to 11:30PM

Hopefully I will have a more productive day tomorrow. I’ll have to file away today as a wasted day.  Can’t pull anymore tricks out of the hat. So it’s off to bed.




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