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Yoga and fibroids – can yoga shrink your fibroids?

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If reduced stress can help shrink your fibroids and yoga can help reduce stress, then by some law of logic yoga can help shrink your fibroids; but for that to be true, then it would have to be true that reduced stress can result in fibroid shrinkage; and that probably isn’t true.

Yoga probably can’t directly shrink your fibroids. I don’t personally think it can, but I’m no expert so this is just my opinion and if an expert tells you it can then I’d go with the expert’s opinion.

In my experience yoga hasn’t shrunken my fibroids; but it has helped along with my other workout routines to tighten and tone my abdomen, which has helped to make my fibroids look less pronounced.

I took the picture on the right today. By comparison to a similar picture I took a year ago, my stomach definitely looks smaller like my fibroids might have shrunken, but if I feel around my stomach with my fingers the fibroids actually feel the same to me. They are taking up the same amount of space from my lower pelvis area to right between my rib cage. There are two that I can actually feel the shape of and one near my belly button that I can almost grip; and they don’t feel like they are any smaller to me even though my stomach doesn’t protrude as much as it used to unless I eat more than 1 solid meal per day.

Of course I can’t really say what the actual sizes of my fibroids are now by comparison to what they were when they were checked by the doctor. I’d have to get them checked again to get official measurements; but based on just feeling them up with my fingers I’d say they are the same size and the reason my stomach looks flatter (flatter by comparison to what it has looked like – I know it’s still fibroid bumpy) is because of the other benefits of yoga and the other types of exercises I do to try to upkeep my fitness level and try to manage my stress and other mental and emotional issues.

I do want them shrunken and I will continue to try every thing that I can afford to try. Hopefully my financial situation will improve to where I can try some other new things; but for now I am still a fibroid lady.