Mission solids free June day 1

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    I have to be completely honest. I have no idea how I’m going to get this thing done. Here it is day 1 of my “Solids free June” attempt and I am already struggling. My mind is all over the place. I’m having stress cravings. It’s only 7:30 in the morning. My plan is to get up and do half an hour of meditating at 8:30. Until 9 o’clock I’ll allow myself only water. This is going to be hard.

    Cut to 10:01 AM

    I’m feeling much better than I was feeling at 7:30. I managed to put in a half hour of stretching and meditation. And I had some almond butter blended in almond milk for breakfast. Hopefully it will keep me until noon. I’m not having any hunger pangs or cravings right now. I have a bit more energy to work with and I’m feeling a lot more positive than I was feeling earlier.

    So why am I attempting another 30 day no solids stint?

    I think that I was in a much better place than I’ve been since 2007 after I completed the 30 days off solids back in February. Even though I said in my last post that my stomach is not in the best condition right this very minute due to my veering away from my restricted diet for a few weeks, I’m still in a pretty good place. I’m still reaping the benefits from avoiding solid foods for 30 days in February and going all March and April and some of May on a strict diet of nuts, chia seeds, nut butter (cashew, almond, peanut), coconut milk, kale, coconut water, cinnamon, tea (ginger, turmeric, yarrow). I might be forgetting one or two things; but that’s been mostly what I’ve been eating since February.

    I have had the occasional salmon and cod fish, avocado, cucumber. And there was the quinoa pudding phase until my stomach began to react badly to it. But those were not being consumed daily and there were no setbacks to my system. So I’ve had a pretty long stretch of being able to control the situation to where I haven’t had the embarrassment of an enormous stomach to deal with. Or more importantly any health scares that have sent me to the emergency room.

    But a few weeks ago I gave in to a craving for some bread. I was at the grocery store and I came upon a gluten free aisle. I got excited to see gluten free bread on the shelf. I admit I love bread; but I had decided to try as much as possible to avoid gluten. So I haven’t been eating bread for some time now. Even so, I’ve been having bread cravings. The hubby still brings bread into the house and I struggle to avoid eating it. So I was thrilled to discover the gluten free aisle. I spent the $6.99 on a half-pack of gluten free multi-grain bread. And that was the beginning of a stretch of two weeks eating foods that my stomach clearly cannot tolerate.

    So I am right now dealing with the drawbacks of re-introducing flour based foods into my diet. I’m bloated. My digestive processing has slowed down and things are not being removed at the rate that they should. As a result I am feeling heavy in the sense of being weighed down. I’m feeling sluggish. I’m not sleeping well. My emotional energy is low. I’m having to fight to stay motivated to keep up doing the things I need to do every day.

    So I want to try to do another stretch of going 30 days without eating solid food. I feel like I need to clear out my system again and then resume the avoidance of flour based foods, meats (not including the occasional fish) and dairy products. I haven’t slipped up on the dairy avoidance per se. I did sneak a spoonful of my husband’s ice cream on a couple of occasions. And I did have some goat cheese with an avocado cucumber sandwich, also on a couple of occasions. But that’s as much dairy as I’ve consumed since December 2014.

    All in all I have to say, changing my diet has allowed me get back some semblance of control over my life from these fibroids. I’m not using any special treatments such as apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses. I’m not taking any DIM supplements or trying out any of the myriad fibroid shrinking remedies that seem exist. Who knows, maybe using some of these in addition to the diet change would make the situation even better. But I am happy with where things are. And I think with a reset I’ll be in an even better place. Because my setback is pretty minor right now. So if I can make it to 30 days off solids my results should be even better than they were in February.

    I’ll do my best to chart my progress in case anyone might be interested. I can’t promise to do an update everyday; but I’ll try.



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