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Is broccoli good or bad to eat when you have fibroids?


Originally written 2011/06/26

It’s hard to know whether you’re coming or going when trying to find ways to treat fibroids. You go to one source and it tells you one thing. You go to another source and it tells you the complete opposite. Take broccoli for example. Some of the material you’ll find around the Internet, purportedly written by doctors, discourages eating broccoli if you have fibroids. Others recommend broccoli, those too supposedly written by doctors. So which is it? Is broccoli good or bad to eat when fighting fibroids? How do you decide who to believe?

It’s possible that both sides of the equation might be right to some extent. There could be components of broccoli that have the tendency to feed the conditions in which fibroids thrive and there could be components that help with hormone balance which could help towards eradicating the problem assuming fibroids indeed grow as a result of hormone imbalance. I’m no expert in science. It was my worse subject in fact so you’d do well to consult with someone who knows what they’re talking about; but based on the research I’ve done for my own benefit, my conclusion is that avoiding broccoli is not necessary as broccoli contains diindolylmethane (DIM) which is said to have the capacity to balance hormones. How much DIM broccoli contains I suppose would be the next question and does it contain enough to be of any benefit to women in treating fibroids, and is the hype surrounding DIM based on truth about its effectiveness or is it just another way for the industry to cash in on our willingness to try anything they can convince us will help up to get well?

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