Home Journal Fibroid Meditation – can you mediate your fibroids away?

Fibroid Meditation – can you mediate your fibroids away?

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Originally written 2011/06/25

I don’t know that I believe you can meditate your fibroids away; but I do believe that meditation can help to keep you in the right frame of mind as you try to get rid of your fibroids.

Meditation can help you maintain your focus, keep you in a positive frame of mind and strengthen your belief in your ability not only to face the challenges that stress your life daily, but to conquer those challenges no matter what you have to do in order to conquer them. As for your fibroids, one of the things meditation can do is help you to stay on the course towards a healthier lifestyle where you’re making better choices as far as eating the right foods, getting more exercise and reducing your daily stress.

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