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kale spinach turmeric ginger coconut water

It’s a beautiful sunny Thursday morning. Cold but I’m indoors so I can’t complain. Started my morning with a couple cups of ginger and turmeric tea. Followed that with a drink of kale and spinach blended in coconut water with more ginger and turmeric.kale spinach turmeric ginger coconut water 2

I did use a bit too much ginger and turmeric in the blended kale spinach drink. Hoping it doesn’t cause me any issues with my stomach as the day progresses.

All is well at the moment. Not planning on eating any solid food today. Trying to see if I can go another 30 days without eating solid food. I think the key is going to be finding a few other things I can safely consume in blended or pureed form. A few days back I tried a blender prepared rice pudding thing but it didn’t quite work. I think rice will need to stay off the menu. I also tried a blended tapioca pudding but I’m not sure if that works either. Will have to try it again before I decide.

Quinoa pudding

red quinoa in a white bowl

I’m planning on treating myself with quinoa pudding for lunch today. I found a few recipes so I’m going to be trying one. Unfortunately I only have a box of red quinoa on hand. Hopefully red quinoa can work just as well as white. We shall see. I’m looking forward to it.

In the meantime I am busy working, trying to get back into the business woman frame of mind. The fibroids have not been much of a concern for me lately. I think the lady who wrote to me about the need to stop empowering my fibroids was exactly right in her assessment. I have in fact been focusing all this time on getting my life in balance in the hope that doing so would result in getting back control over my life from the fibroids. My focus needed and needs to be on getting my life in balance period. When I consider all the possibilities of worse things that I could be dealing with, I realize she was also right in pointing out that I need to be grateful each day that I wake up to find that my burden is still lighter than the burdens so many others are carrying. Tomorrow I might not be so fortunate.

Cut to later…

I started this post earlier today. I have since had my lunch of blended red Quinoa pudding. Actually it was more like a porridge.

Blended Red Quinoa coconut milk porridge

Although it might not look terribly appetizing it tasted decent enough. It contains only red quinoa and coconut milk. I did add some sugar to sweeten. It was nothing to wow the senses but it was perfectly pleasant to consume. Now I feel full and shouldn’t have to worry about food for the rest of the day. Hopefully water and tea will keep me until tomorrow.

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pomegranate breakfast Monday September 29 2014 1

It’s early yet to expect to be able to tell whether or not pomegranates help in any way to control the tendency of fibroids to swell your belly. At the moment my stomach is very much swollen. So much so that I am feeling physical discomfort just sitting. It has been a very long time since my fibroids have caused me the kind of physical discomfort they’ve been causing me lately. But I have to be honest with myself. I have not been taking care of myself the way I need to be doing. I’ve been depressed and therefore unmotivated. I’ve gained a few pounds and that’s definitely a hugely contributing factor.

The fibroids and pomegrantes experiment

pomegranate breakfast Monday September 29 2014 2

I’ve decided to have pomegrante in some form for the next 60 days. Today is Day 5. I’ve been eating pomegrante seeds and drinking pomegrante juice. I can only hope that the pomegrante juice I had my husband purchase at the supermarket is really is 100% pomegrante juice. It is wickedly high in sugar content so that’s concerning; but I haven’t been drinking it in excess. I’ve been having only 1 glass of it per day and not in one sitting.

The above pictures are of the pomegranate I consumed today. If nothing else at least I like pomegrantes so it’s not like I’ll be consuming something for 60 days while hating the taste. If it does nothing as far as the fibroids are concerned at least it will provide me with something to photograph and a nice snack to eat.

The depression

I’m not sure I can exactly identify what has caused me to slip into depression but I’ve been depressed and unmotivated for a while. I think it’s a combination of things. I think it’s the state of affairs in my relationship with my husband, and frustration over my inability to turn any of my projects into a source of sustainable income.

The weight gain

I don’t have a scale. I don’t weigh myself because I don’t have a particular weight I aim to reach. I just want to be comfortable in my skin. I want to be in my real body and I don’t need a scale to tell me when I’m not. I’m able to see it and feel it. So I don’t really know how much weight I’ve gained but I do know that I have gained weight and I’m very uncomfortable in my body not just because of the fibroids being larger but because every part of me is bigger right now. That has probably also contributed to exacerbating my depression. I’m constantly aware of my body and the extra weight in all my parts and it makes me antsy.

Today I am managing to control myself; but usually this antsy feeling plays with my head. I get frustrated. Stress builds. I get filled with feelings of self hate and I go looking for something to eat to fill the void. Usually there isn’t anything around to eat that’s so bad for me. I really shouldn’t gain weight on the things I eat; but somehow my system doesn’t appear to work normally anymore. I’m not sure what’s going on there but I’m concerned all the fasting I’ve done in the last couple of years might have damaged my system in some way that makes me gain weight more easily than is normal. The upside is that I also lose the weight pretty easily once I get serious about it. I’ve started the “getting back on track” mission today. I’m giving myself all of October to try to get myself back on the path of transformation. So far for today so good.

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pomegranate seeds in bowl

I will be trying to consume pomegranate in some form every day for the next 60 days to put to the test the claims that pomegranates can help in the effort to shrink fibroids. I mentioned in a previous post that my husband had a dream about pomegranates being the cure for fibroids. I know of course that pomegrantes will not cure my fibroids; but after doing a little research and finding that there has been suggestion that pomegranates can be useful for the purpose, I’ve decided it can’t hurt to give it a try. I’d rather be eating pomegrantes every day than drinking apple cider vinegar.pomegrante on faux treeThe two pomegrantes I bought to get myself started. I strung them up to my artificial tree home decor so I could take a picture.

Confession: I have not been drinking apple cider vinegar like I said I would. I just can’t keep up with it. It gets more and more difficult to drink it. I hate the smell and I don’t love the taste even when I try to disguise it. And then there’s the fact that I am going through a phase. I’ve been feeling increasingly frustrated about the fact that I can’t do any of the things I would like to do with my life. And I’ve been particularly depressed about my body. I was supposed to avoid solids for the entire month of September; but I did not avoid solids for a single day so far in the month of September. I just haven’t wanted to deal with that on top of everything else. Avoiding solids for a few days has great benefits when you’re in the right frame of mind for it. I haven’t been in the right frame of mind for it. Maybe I’ll try again for October.

Today started out well enough. I started the day with a breakfast of pomegranate seeds. I was supposed to eat lightly today but I had a bout of stress eating to calm down anxiety after an unplanned trip out to the supermarket. So I have to try to double up on my makeshift push cart laps and squats. I’m carrying a little bit more weight right now than I am comfortable having on. I’ve put on about an inch everywhere. I need to lose that inch because I’m just not comfortable in my body right now. A 5 day fast can get rid of the inch easily; but I’m concerned the fasting is the reason I gained the weight in the first place. The way things are going, if I’m not careful I will turn that 1 inch into 2 inches. I need to get back my focus; but it’s a struggle. I’m not sure what’s going on with me but I’m just not where I was earlier in the year. I am at conflict with myself, wanting to keep on trying but most days just failing to see the point.

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My husband told me the other day that he had a dream about fibroids and pomegranates. In the dream he was telling me that  pomegranates would fix my fibroid problem and so I needed to eat pomegranates if I wanted to get rid of my fibroids. I grew up picking pomegranates directly off pomegranate trees. Since I’ve been in America (I’ve been here a long time) I’ve only bought an actual pomegranate from the grocery store a small handful of times. I have hazy memories about the pomegranates that grew on my grandmother’s neighbor’s tree. I got to try some one year and I remember them being the sweetest and juiciest pomegranates I had ever tasted. Needless to say I am going to be putting pomegranates to the test to see if in fact the pomegranate can do anything to help me in my fibroid battle. After all you never know right?

Fibroids and pomegranates

There is already a link established in material on the Internet suggesting pomegranates can help in the fight to shrink fibroids. I’ll admit I am not surprised. At this point I think you can find material on the internet suggesting everything and the kitchen sink can help in the battle to shrink fibroids. I have long stopped concerning myself with such questions as whether or not there is any evidence. I figure if it’s something I can afford to try and trying it won’t harm me in any way then why try to find printed material to support the notion that it works knowing that for every comment I find saying it works I’ll find one saying it doesn’t? Why not try it and find out for myself? Trying doesn’t mean I am a gullible fool who believes everything she reads. I am far from being that; but I do believe that you should never say never. Or at the very least you should maintain an open mind to any and every possibility. And in this battle with fibroids I am willing to try almost anything even while I maintain the necessary healthy skepticism. Or as is usually the case, I plain old know it’s not going to work but I’m desperate enough to try and hope for a miracle anyway.


Pomegranate Seed Oil

So I am shopping around for Pomegranate Seed Oil. I figure the oil will be good to try in my baths as an external aid. I also want to try it in my hair and face cream. I’ve been making my own hair and face cream using cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and aloe in an effort to reduce the amount of chemicals that potentially get into my system. The cream has been working wonders for my skin and hair. I’ve been wanting to add some other oils and I’ve read that Pomegranate Seed Oil is good for the skin. If that proves true it can also indirectly help in the battle with fibroids.

How might Pomegranate Seed Oil possibly help in the battle with fibroids if being used in face and hair cream?

My logic is this: I’ve found that when I feel ugly, I lose my motivation to take care of myself. When I don’t feel good about myself I workout less and I stress eat; and the more I do this the worse I feel. The worse I feel the worse I treat myself and naturally the worse I look. I know that I’m over forty and so there’s only so much I can expect. But sometimes I look in the mirror and I get seriously depressed by what I see. I know that much of this is a psychological issue and something I’ve been dealing with my entire life. I’ve always had a problem where I would sometimes look at myself in a mirror and become depressed because I looked ugly to myself. My body image issues aren’t just limited to weight. I’ve also had a problem of being ashamed of my looks, thinking I’m ugly, wanting to hide my face–not wanting anyone to look at me because I feel like they’re seeing how ugly I am. Ultimately what’s important is being able to look at yourself and love yourself regardless of how you look; but I was taught to hate myself for every flaw. And I have a lot of flaws.

The point I’m trying to make here is that it’s important for me to do what I can to improve my appearance because I struggle to love myself as it is; and the struggle gets harder when I look in the mirror and I see a tired, broken down old lady looking back at me. I get depressed and I lose my motivation and my fibroids love that. They love when they are given control and left to run the joint. So I have to make use of any and every little way in which I can boost my sense of self.  And I feel better about myself when I look attractive to my own eyes than when I don’t. So I need to do everything I can to maintain my external physical appearance because that directly impacts on my state of mind and my state of mind impacts on my internal health.  There is no question in my mind that the condition of my fibroids is affected for better or worse by where I happen to be mentally and emotionally. The better I feel about myself and about my life, the less of a problem I have with the fibroids. So if pomegranate seed oil has the skin benefits they say it does then it could help me indirectly in my battle with fibroids.

Pomegranate Juice

Naturally it’s the pomegranate juice that is suggested to be of direct benefit in helping to battle fibroids. I won’t bore you with all the claims. You can google and read up on it to satisfy your need to know about the actual suggested benefits. You’ll be coming across the usual claims of the fruit being high in anti-oxidants, being the perfect food for balancing estrogen levels, containing all these wonderful minerals and vitamins and all that jazz. I’m really just trying it, seriously, because my husband had a dream about it out of the blue, woke me up right after the dream and told me about it. Like I joked to him, wouldn’t it be something if it turned out he dreamed the cure to my fibroids? Do I really believe pomegranates will get rid of my fibroids? At this point I honestly believe I’ll have my fibroids until menopause; but I am not going to quit trying to get rid of them before that time. I am sick to death of walking around with a protruding stomach. I know there are plenty of women who do walk around with a protruding stomach who aren’t pregnant and do not have fibroids. Therefore, it’s really not the end of the world; but even so, there are things in my stomach that don’t belong there and I would like to get rid of them. And I shouldn’t have to risk my life by having doctors cut me open to take them out. They weren’t always there. It shouldn’t be the case that I can’t get rid of then naturally.

Anyway, I am going to the grocery store today and will pick up some pomegranates and pomegrante juice if I can find either. I will be ordering the pomegrante seed oil via the Internet.

Image Attributions: “Pomegranate DSW” by Augustus Binu/ facebookOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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Blended cabbage mushroom soup with potato parsley sage

My most recent no solids attempt ended near the end of Day 5. So it lasted 4.5 days. I’ve since had two days of eating solid food and now I am going to attempt another 2 or 3 days of avoiding solids. I’m thinking maybe it’s best to just let things run however they run and not set any specific goals. I am still finding though that I feel much better overall when I have gone a few days off of solid food. So if I can somehow work my way into a lifestyle where I eat solid foods only 2-3 days per week that would be preferable to just letting things run however they run.

On my no solids days I drink a lot of protein shakes, eat yogurt and blended soup. I am at a point of not worrying too much any more about the impact of certain foods on fibroids. At one point I was trying to avoid dairy but then it occurred to me that I’ve several times had success with getting my stomach to go down from it’s enlarged size and I wasn’t avoiding dairy or consciously avoiding any foods. Right now my stomach is still enlarged but I have seen obvious improvements after my most recent no solids stretch and I have been consuming dairy. So I am not going to worry about dairy right now.

I’m feeling pretty positive right now. I don’t expect to struggle too much with avoiding solids today but who knows? As the day goes along my moods will rise and fall and I’ll be tested then.

As far as the blended cabbage mushroom soup goes, I made a pot of it during my most recent no solids stint. I boiled up some cabbage, one-third of a potato and some fresh mushrooms in a pot of water with some parsley, olive oil, salt and sage. After the vegetables softened enough to be blended I transferred the mixture to the blender and blended it using the liquify button, adding a bit more parsley and sage and a piece of avocado. It wasn’t the most delicious thing I have ever consumed but it was palatable enough.

Blended cabbage mushroom soup

Hopefully next time I make it I will have a better selection of seasonings. At least it wasn’t like the spinach broccoli and cauliflower soup I made the previous week. That was so bad that most of it got pored down the drain.

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blended lentil soup with butternut squash

I am in the middle of my third day of avoiding solids. My aim is to avoid solids for the next 7 days. I’m not sure if I’ll make it.  I’ve felt like aborting so many times today; and I still have up to 5 more hours to play with before I call it a day, unless I fall asleep early. Right now I’m drinking a bottle of GNC Total Lean Swiss Chocolate protein shake to help get me through the next few hours. I had one for breakfast and for lunch I had a couple bowls of blended lentil and butternut squash soup. The soup wasn’t all that great, but I needed a break from the chocolate protein shakes. I’m not blending fruits or leafy greens or any of the usual. This isn’t a juice fast. I’m just staying away from solid food for a few days.

Cut to 8:46 PM

I took a break to go dance and workout. Tried to snap a few pics of the process but my camera is low grade and the lighting in the apartment isn’t great. On top of that, I’ve gained a few pounds since my last fast in April and I find myself feeling afraid to share pictures of myself with thicker thighs, thicker arms and a bigger butt, which is quite a shame and a major contradiction of everything I want to stand for. It’s just that, there are always going to be people in your life who don’t ever get beyond the need to take notice of how fat or how skinny you are, how beautiful or how ugly. But I can’t live my life in fear of these people and what they think. If I’m too thick for their liking whatever. I want to love myself no matter what my size. I don’t want to only love myself when I’m skinny. I don’t want to look at my thicker thighs and my thicker arms and my bigger butt and feel like I want to die. I’m not a bleeping teenager anymore. I’m a grown woman and I don’t want to be so pathetic as to actually feel ashamed to look healthy and strong instead of sickly and thin. But it’s a process and anyone who has suffered with body image issues (seriously suffered) will know that this isn’t just the vapid talk of a self-absorbed narcissist. I’ll be thought of as vapid, self absorbed and a narcissist by some people no matter what I say or do. The point is, body image issues run a lot deeper than the surface. And I’m not pretending like I don’t still have major issues; but I don’t want to embrace them like they are something good to have.

So here is a picture I took of myself having fun dancing to Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard For Her Money”. Why the sexy picture? Why not? This is about me and my life and trying to have fun and loving myself–feeling good about who I am–being myself–not being ashamed and most importantly not apologizing to anyone for being me because they think that I am something they cannot like based solely on the assumptions they make about me because of what they see and read on my blog. I’ve gone a lifetime allowing people to make me feel like I’m nothing. People have made me feel ugly. They have made me feel like I’m not good enough to be liked, to be loved or to be admired. So excuse me if I chose to give myself the attention and admiration I do not receive and have never really gotten from another human being. Somebody’s gotta love me right?

monica dancing to Donna Summer She works hard for her money June 5 2014

And here’s another picture I took today while pushing around a cart packed with about 60 pounds of weight. A few laps around the living room pushing this cart while running and it feels like I ran laps around the lake. These days, every time I start to feel a little overwhelmed I get up and do a few sets. It helps considerably.

monica working out Thursday June 5th 2014

Cut to 9:40PM

I was thinking earlier while I was dancing that I can’t remember ever seeing my mother dance. Maybe I just don’t remember. It’s hard to imagine I could be as much like her as they say and she doesn’t dance. Maybe she did dance but did it when she was alone and no one was watching like I do. Dancing is so much a part of who I am. I love to dance. I haven’t been dancing lately though. I may have had some moments here and there but it’s been a while since I’ve put on my toe shoes. I think maybe I’ll get up and go put on my toe shoes now and see if I have anything left.

Cut to 10:10PM

So I got up and for 2 minutes I pretended I was a ballerina. I am not really a ballerina; but I’ve been pretending to be one since I was a young teen. I bought my first pair of toe shoes when I was a teenager. It was a very embarrassing experience because I knew nothing about toe shoes. I just knew I wanted a pair. So I went to Capezios in Manhattan one Saturday to buy a pair (One of my sisters accompanied me). I made a fool out of myself; but at least I got my toe shoes. Lots of embarrassment would follow–like when I took my toe shoes with me to school and a real dancer asked me why I was using them when they weren’t even broken in yet. I had no idea what she was talking about.

Interpreting Neil Diamond’s “The Story of My Life” June 5th 2014

monica interpreting the story of my life by neil diamond June 5 2014 2

monica interpreting the story of my life by neil diamond June 5 2014 1

When I was dancing tonight I felt so beautiful. I don’t mean beautiful in terms of looks. I felt true and my truth was beautiful. If only it could always be that way.

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Baby Spinach Butternut Squash salad

I have to admit. The whole is this okay to eat and is that okay to eat when you have fibroids thing is getting annoying. What’s most annoying is the fact that there’s so much conflicting information out there, and everything is based on speculation. No one knows anything for a fact. They don’t even seem to know if in fact what you eat has any impact on fibroid growth or not.

Based on my own experience experimenting with this and that fibroid shrinking remedy over the last few years I can see why there’s so much conflict. It’s really hard to know what works and what doesn’t work. I’ve seen my stomach go down significantly while making no conscious adjustments in terms of what types of food I was eating.  And I’ve seen my stomach swell while consciously avoiding eating things I’ve read are better to avoid eating when you have fibroids.

I know that I keep contradicting myself in my posts about what has worked and what has not worked; but that’s just the thing. Every time I think I’ve figured it out something nulls and voids my conclusion. My situation keeps changing and the contradictions reflect that fact. Something might seem to work the first time I try it, but when I try it again the result is different. I think body chemistry plays a huge role in determining what’s going to work and what’s not going to work and whether it will work at the specific time you try it or not; and obviously every woman is unique in that way. And aside from being unique from each other, our body chemistry is not consistent from month to month, especially after a certain age. Again I am really speaking for myself because I obviously have no qualification to speak generally on the subject. But from my experience it seems as if there are things going on on a biological or chemical level that are going to take place regardless of what I’m eating or not eating.

So, Is butternut squash okay to eat if you have fibroids?

picture of butternut squash

From what I can tell butternut squash is on the list of fibroid friendly foods. But again, I think these questions are necessary to answer on a case by case basis. It might not necessarily be the case that what makes my fibroids grow will make your fibroids grow. I use a lot of butternut squash. At one point I was making the same meal for dinner every day–butternut squash baked in the oven then mashed, broccoli baked in the oven, yellow squash and zucchini, cabbage and salmon. I no longer make this for dinner every day but I do still make it for dinner often. I don’t think I’ve noticed any negative impact on my fibroid condition.

I made a butternut squash and spinach salad for dinner on Sunday. It didn’t blow anybody’s mind or anything; but it was decent enough. I threw in a handful of cashews, dried cranberries, tangerines and dates. Not an excessive amount of any of these things. Just a handful to be divided among 3 people. I served the boys their salad with salmon. I also tried to make zucchini chips; but that didn’t turn out too well. It looked more interesting before I put it in the oven. Yes, I did go a little overboard with the olive oil for most of the dishes I made. I wanted this to come out of the oven tasting crisp and flavorful. It wasn’t crisp and it didn’t taste all that good.

zucchini chips easter sunday dinner

For the butternut squash I cut up half of a medium squash into cubes, seasoned it and prepared it in a skillet on the stovetop.


butternut squash being prepared in a skilletThen I mixed it with baby spinach, tangerine, cashews, dried cranberries and dates. My dressing was a simple concoction of apple cider vinegar and (more) olive oil.

I usually prepare the salmon in the oven because I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I’m trying to change that–more for myself than anything. I think cooking be can potentially therapeutic. I think this process is helping me to reconnect my various selves into one whole and healthy unit. It’s a work in progress. I have a long way to go and the way things are going in my life it’s not going to be easy to stay on course.

But back to the salmon–I decided to try something different. I prepared it on the stove top in a skillet instead of doing what I normally do which is to season it, wrap it in foil paper and put it in the oven. You can barely see it in the picture because it is covered in onions.

salmon and onions

All in all my dinner turned out okay. It was nothing special. The husband didn’t comment afterward that it was “most delicious” the way he does when he enjoys something I make. I was glad that I found the spirit to make something at least. The day had started out so badly I had decided not to bother making anything for dinner; but I changed my mind. Unfortunately by that time the sun was already going down so I had no good light to work with for my photos.



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Changing your diet will not cure your fibroids if you have them

I was going try to find some information about corn and whether or not corn is okay to eat when you have fibroids. I don’t eat a lot of corn. I know a lot of packaged foods contain corn in one form or another. I’m talking about corn in it’s kernel form. I used to eat a lot of it popped.  I had cut that out for a while but I’ve had popcorn two or three times in the last 30 days. It isn’t because of the popcorn that I was looking up about corn though.

I was trying to figure out what I could make for dinner today. I figured I’d use the excuse of it being Easter Sunday to try to make a couple of dishes so I can have an excuse to take pictures and get connected enough to the process to be able to write a post about it. In the process of looking for vegetable based recipes I came across a recipe for a corn salad that I thought sounded interesting; but then it occurred to me that corn might not be something I want to be eating. For some reason what did not immediately occur to me was that I was already eating corn–just that I was popping it.

Anyway, in the process of trying to find some information about corn I came across an article that was written for women with fibroids suggesting foods we can eat to help alleviate our symptoms. In the article I came across an interesting statement. The gist of the statement is that changing your diet will not cure your fibroids if you have them.

It’s not that any of us who have had fibroids for a while and have been trying to use natural remedies to get rid of them actually believe that changing our diet will cure our fibroids. I for one have learned, not by reading articles but by discovering the reality using my own fibroid assaulted body for experimentation, that fibroids aren’t going to go anywhere as long as you have a uterus in or on which to house them. And who knows? Maybe we’ll come to learn that a uterus isn’t even necessary for fibroids to grow. The point is, in my experience so far, it is clear that there’s no way to get rid of the fibroids except to wait out the time and hope they really do go away after menopause, or get rid of the house in which they live. Problem is, that house in which they live is built inside of me.

I do think though that is a good idea to make that point very clear, that changing your diet will not cure your fibroids if you have them. But it’s equally important to make the point that NOT changing your diet can make your fibroids grow bigger and cause you to end up with a bigger problem.

Among the many other contributing factors to my being where I am today with my fibroids, I think that my failure to change my diet when I first discovered I had fibroids possibly played the biggest role.

I don’t want to make excuses. While money was and is a definite hindrance to making big changes, there are certainly plenty of small changes I could have made that I did not make and still have not made though I talk about making them. Just the other day I wrote a post about my plans to go and do some grocery shopping and pick up some items that can help me to get started in the process of learning how to eat in order to prevent further damage even if none of the changes I make can repair the damage already done. But I haven’t managed to get to the store yet. There’s always something.

All of that is to say, while changing your diet will not cure your fibroids if you have them, if you don’t change your diet you might end up going from looking early first trimester pregnancy to looking late second trimester to early third trimester. And the difference on your quality of life will be dramatically unpleasant.


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Sometime this weekend I am supposed to go shopping to pick up groceries. I am looking at recipes to get ideas for meals. I haven’t had a habit for being in the kitchen cooking. I will generally only make something quick and easy for dinner and I don’t do that every day. I know I did that post about the gluten free coconut sweet bread the other day, and the attempted brownies before that. It probably makes it sound like I spend a lot of time in the kitchen but I don’t. I am notoriously domestically disinclined. But I have decided that I want to spend more time doing things around the apartment. I think it will be helpful to me in many ways to get in touch with the domestic aspect of my life. I haven’t really cared much about the “house and home”; and I haven’t really cared too much about myself if the truth were to be told. I will get up and go straight to work. When I get restless I’ll go look for something to eat and grab whatever I can find, which isn’t usually anything substantial. When it’s time to workout I’ll get up and go do it most of the time. If I’m in a bad spell of depression then I don’t bother. If my son asks me to make him something to eat I’ll do it. In the evening if I feel up to it I’ll make dinner. Otherwise I have no time for anything other than working at updating one blog or another; and I have no time for anyone, including myself. That needs to change and one of the ways in which I want to work at changing it is by making cooking something that I do more of every day, by trying to care a little bit more about my appearance when I’m not dolling up to take pictures for one reason or another, and by taking better care of my “home”.

This is about the cooking part of the plan.

So I am hoping to do some cooking this weekend. I am looking for stuffed peppers recipes. I found a recipe for Avocado Pesto Stuffed Peppers that sounds interesting and looks simple. Only 3 ingredients. My kind of cooking. And I don’t have to use the stove or the oven. Well, I guess it’s not technically only 3 ingredients because you have to make the pesto.

The question is, can you eat avocado pesto stuffed peppers when you have fibroids?

I guess if you can eat avocados when you have fibroids, and you can eat pesto when you have fibroids and you can eat peppers when you have fibroids, then you can eat avocado pesto stuffed peppers when you have fibroids.

So can you eat avocado if you have fibroids?


By now you’ve probably realized that it’s nearly impossible to find facts when it comes to knowing what you can and cannot eat when you have fibroids. I can’t say based on any factual knowledge that you can or cannot eat avocado when you have fibroids. I can only say that based on the research I have done, and it wasn’t anything extensive, avocados are apparently okay to eat if you have fibroids.

And can you eat pesto when you have fibroids?



Pesto has cheese in it. Cheese is a dairy product. There are conflicting reports on how dairy affects fibroids. You’ll find articles that claim dairy is actually useful, although it’s important to note that most of these articles say dairy is useful for avoiding fibroids. They don’t necessarily address the impact of dairy on existing fibroids. Most of the articles do seem to support the notion of dairy being something you want to avoid if you have fibroids. So the best thing to do I would imagine would be to find a dairy free pesto recipe and then the cheese in the pesto becomes a non-factor and that leaves you with the question of whether basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, lemon juice, sea salt and olive oil are okay to eat if you have fibroids. From what I can tell these things are okay to eat so the pesto should be okay to eat.

And can you eat sweet peppers when you have fibroids?

Again, you are likely to find contradictions as to what you can and cannot eat when you have fibroids. From what I’ve read sweet peppers are perfectly fine to eat when you have fibroids; but please do not swear by anything you read on this website. I don’t know what is fact from what is fiction myself. I simply use the internet to find information and I am basically resolved to learn from trial and error because I’ve realized that no one really knows what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to fibroids.

About the photos: The images on this page are stock photos that are being used for illustrative purposes only. The stuffed peppers shown above are not avocado pesto stuffed peppers

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I did some baking the other day. From time to time my husband asks me to make him what he calls “Coconut sweet bread”. He’s from Barbados and it seems that’s something they traditionally eat around Christmas time. If I’m wrong about that forgive me. I’m just going by what my husband tells me. I think last Christmas was the first time he asked me to try to find a recipe on the internet and make it for him. Since then he keeps asking me to make it. I never did find a recipe that was simple enough for me to try so I did what I do best. I threw stuff together and conducted an experiment. I guess since even my son now asks me to make it from time to time the original experiment must have turned out okay.

So I attempted a gluten free, fibroid friendly coconut sweet bread the other day. Might have been on Saturday or Sunday, can’t remember. I was at least able to try a piece. It was edible enough. I wouldn’t say it was anything remarkable. They ate it all and that’s always good; but no one actually said it was good so I know it wasn’t great because if it had been my husband would have said as much. So I don’t think I’m at the point yet for recipe sharing; but I did take some pictures with the intention of writing about my baking session.

Fibroid friendly gluten free Coconut Sweet Bread 1

I call this a fibroid friendly coconut sweet bread; but that’s just based on my belief that the things I used are fibroid friendly. Since I haven’t consulted a nutritionist who is knowledgeable about fibroids and what’s good or bad to eat when you have fibroids, my “fibroid friendly” claim is not a matter of fact. It’s a matter of believing that the ingredients I used will not contribute to fibroid growth; but the belief is not based on any extensive research.

I used a gluten free flour to make my coconut sweet bread. The flour contains

  • Garbanzo Bean Flour
  • Potato Starch
  • Tapioca flour
  • White sorghum flour
  • Fava Bean Flour

Fibroid friendly gluten free Coconut Sweet Bread flour mix

I mixed this flour with some milled golden flaxseed, splenda sweetener, some baking powder and baking soda.

After that I mixed together a banana, some almond milk, cinnamon and coconut flakes in a blender.

Fibroid friendly gluten free Coconut Sweet Bread banana coconut almond milk cinnamon mixture

Fibroid friendly gluten free Coconut Sweet Bread banana coconut almond milk cinnamon mixed

Then I poured this mixture in with the dry ingredients, added some egg substitute, and about a half to three-fourths cup of coconut flakes.

Fibroid friendly gluten free Coconut Sweet Bread mix

Mixed that up into a pasty batter, put the batter into a non-stick baking pan and stuck the pan into the oven at 350 degrees.

Fibroid friendly gluten free Coconut Sweet Bread batter

And 50 minutes later my “fibroid friendly” (?) “gluten free” (?) coconut sweet bread was ready.

Fibroid friendly gluten free Coconut Sweet Bread in baking pan

It came out a bit flat; and I still can’t get it to come out smooth on top. It’s always cracked; but I had fun taking the pictures. I enjoyed the whole creation process. It was relaxing and it felt good to be doing something that I knew my son and husband were going to appreciate (provided it didn’t come out horribly). It was a nice little break from spending all day sitting at the computer working on this thing or that thing. I need more of these breaks throughout each of my days. I need to build a life. I was going to say rebuild but then I realized I never really had a life so it wouldn’t be a rebuilding. I have to confess though, I feel like what I’m trying to do can’t be done. I feel like this is it. This is my life. Where I am is where I will always be. I’m scared about both possibilities — failing and succeeding — whatever succeeding means. Because at the end of the day, you can’t avoid the more painful realities of life no matter where you go.