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Can you eat avocado pesto stuffed peppers when you have fibroids?


Sometime this weekend I am supposed to go shopping to pick up groceries. I am looking at recipes to get ideas for meals. I haven’t had a habit for being in the kitchen cooking. I will generally only make something quick and easy for dinner and I don’t do that every day. I know I did that post about the gluten free coconut sweet bread the other day, and the attempted brownies before that. It probably makes it sound like I spend a lot of time in the kitchen but I don’t. I am notoriously domestically disinclined. But I have decided that I want to spend more time doing things around the apartment. I think it will be helpful to me in many ways to get in touch with the domestic aspect of my life. I haven’t really cared much about the “house and home”; and I haven’t really cared too much about myself if the truth were to be told. I will get up and go straight to work. When I get restless I’ll go look for something to eat and grab whatever I can find, which isn’t usually anything substantial. When it’s time to workout I’ll get up and go do it most of the time. If I’m in a bad spell of depression then I don’t bother. If my son asks me to make him something to eat I’ll do it. In the evening if I feel up to it I’ll make dinner. Otherwise I have no time for anything other than working at updating one blog or another; and I have no time for anyone, including myself. That needs to change and one of the ways in which I want to work at changing it is by making cooking something that I do more of every day, by trying to care a little bit more about my appearance when I’m not dolling up to take pictures for one reason or another, and by taking better care of my “home”.

This is about the cooking part of the plan.

So I am hoping to do some cooking this weekend. I am looking for stuffed peppers recipes. I found a recipe for Avocado Pesto Stuffed Peppers that sounds interesting and looks simple. Only 3 ingredients. My kind of cooking. And I don’t have to use the stove or the oven. Well, I guess it’s not technically only 3 ingredients because you have to make the pesto.

The question is, can you eat avocado pesto stuffed peppers when you have fibroids?

I guess if you can eat avocados when you have fibroids, and you can eat pesto when you have fibroids and you can eat peppers when you have fibroids, then you can eat avocado pesto stuffed peppers when you have fibroids.

So can you eat avocado if you have fibroids?


By now you’ve probably realized that it’s nearly impossible to find facts when it comes to knowing what you can and cannot eat when you have fibroids. I can’t say based on any factual knowledge that you can or cannot eat avocado when you have fibroids. I can only say that based on the research I have done, and it wasn’t anything extensive, avocados are apparently okay to eat if you have fibroids.

And can you eat pesto when you have fibroids?



Pesto has cheese in it. Cheese is a dairy product. There are conflicting reports on how dairy affects fibroids. You’ll find articles that claim dairy is actually useful, although it’s important to note that most of these articles say dairy is useful for avoiding fibroids. They don’t necessarily address the impact of dairy on existing fibroids. Most of the articles do seem to support the notion of dairy being something you want to avoid if you have fibroids. So the best thing to do I would imagine would be to find a dairy free pesto recipe and then the cheese in the pesto becomes a non-factor and that leaves you with the question of whether basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, lemon juice, sea salt and olive oil are okay to eat if you have fibroids. From what I can tell these things are okay to eat so the pesto should be okay to eat.

And can you eat sweet peppers when you have fibroids?

Again, you are likely to find contradictions as to what you can and cannot eat when you have fibroids. From what I’ve read sweet peppers are perfectly fine to eat when you have fibroids; but please do not swear by anything you read on this website. I don’t know what is fact from what is fiction myself. I simply use the internet to find information and I am basically resolved to learn from trial and error because I’ve realized that no one really knows what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to fibroids.

About the photos: The images on this page are stock photos that are being used for illustrative purposes only. The stuffed peppers shown above are not avocado pesto stuffed peppers

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