Home Food & Fibroids Can you or can’t you drink soy milk when you have fibroids?

Can you or can’t you drink soy milk when you have fibroids?

Can you or can you not drink soy milk when you have fibroids

I’ve been drinking a lot of soy milk lately. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I’ve strictly been drinking organic soy milk; but I purchase it bought from the grocery store and I don’t know how much you can really trust labels on food products you get from a regular grocery.

Labels aside, it’s really hard to know if soy milk is okay to drink when you have fibroids. I’m not even so much concerned with whether or not it’s good or bad. I just want to know if it’s okay to drink it, meaning it might not help to shrink my fibroids but it also won’t help to grow them.

I do have some very real concerns that soy milk might be helping to keep my fibroids at their present size even if it’s not necessarily causing them to grow. I don’t find that I’ve seen as much shrinkage after my last few fasts as before. I have to admit, to make it easier to go the number of days planned I have been consuming some dairy based products. So it’s hard to know if to blame the soy milk or the dairy. I definitely feel like the dairy is more responsible for the slower rate of shrinkage than the soy milk; but it could be that both of these things have contributed.

As far as published material that’s out there, it’s hard to know what’s what. Some of the material suggests that soy is beneficial while other material suggest it’s harmful. Who can you trust in a situation like that? I certainly can’t decide that for anyone but myself and for me, I’m leaning towards discontinuing using soy milk simply because I can’t say firmly after using it that it’s helping and I do have some concern that it might be harming. Taking those two things into account I will have to try to find another alternative to dairy.

What I liked about the soy milk was that it’s packed with protein and I don’t have to add any gross tasting protein powder to my drinks to fortify them. I don’t particularly love the taste of almond milk and there’s very little protein in almond milk — at least in the ones I’ve bought from the store. When I’m avoiding solids I need to get as much protein as possible to avoid hunger. Soy milk has been great for that reason. But if soy milk is hindering my ability to shrink my fibroids then I’ll obviously have to stop using it and find something that doesn’t taste horrible to fortify almond milk with protein.

It’s such a serious pain in the backside to have so many limitations on what I can eat; but I guess giving up soy milk won’t be too difficult. After all, it’s not as if I was using soy milk all along and have such a great love for it that I struggle with the thought of giving it up. I only started using it as an alternative to dairy in an effort to stop feeding my fibroids things that make them grow.

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